History has been made.

History has been made.

Team Surface may have made history. We have been working on orthopedic surgical bone cement. Look at this! It is likely to be the first osseointegrated bone cement ever or at least, a new bone cement with drastic improvement from the existing products. Orthopedic bone cement is made of PMMA, and has not been improved in the past 40 years. They are cytotoxic to a significant degree but occupying the market because of no alternative. We have developed the new bone cement with significant reduction of cytotoxicity and maybe newly rendered high osteo-compatibility, which makes the strength of bone integration by 500-1000% compared to the current commercial products.

A major milestone

A major milestone

Our UCLA Division of Advanced Prosthodontics and Weintraub Center website has just been released to public. It is original, all-new, and custom-made. It is rare to have a website like this at a division level in the dental world. We are proud that it is a major step we took to evaluate ourselves real-time and raise the bar to improve in the years to come. Our lab, Team Surface section is in there, too. #teamsurface #implantsurface #bonecement #weintraubcenter #advancedprosthodontics


Cycle of inspiration

We are being inspired from people we inspired before.

Beauty of passing a torch in science. Our Lab Team Surface has been giving an opportunity to high school students to do research. Recently, we received a couple of thank you letters and video massage. Look at the news page of Team Surface. They are successful and energetic already. We are being inspired so much by them. When was it we inspired them? Time flies and next-generation people grow so rapidly.


pre-college research.JPG

Best moment

We just got a video message from Ms Audrey Zhao (Chemical Engineering major, UC Berkeley). She did implant research with us when she was a high school student. We always believe in tremendous possibilities in the next generation people, and that is a meaning of our presence passing a torch of science. I am sure they will make a difference for us soon. It the best moment for us to see success of our alumni.