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We surface the impossible.

Four major technologies led by Team Surface to challenge the status quo in dental and orthopedic implant therapy.


Zr outperforming Ti -Creating a zirconia surface that outperforms osseointegration of current titanium surfaces. Patients’ awareness and wishes to metal-free restoration is heating up globally. We have got a mission to catch up with it.


Osseointegrating bone cement -Developing an orthopedic bone cement with reduced toxicity and osteoconductive capability after 60 years. We fight against a common sense that the adverse effects of bone cement are unavoidable.


Titanium vs Zirconia

Make them compete to advance implant therapy.


We believe that zirconia can be an alternative to titanium as a dental implant material in the near future, with at least a certain percentage of titanium implants potentially being replaced by zirconia implants. This will happen under the condition that osseointegration around zirconia implants is equivalent to or greater than the one around current titanium implants. Be aware of the recent studies revealing both materials can be still enhanced to a higher level and that the competition between them will be even tougher, which is ideal and effective drive for further advancement of implant therapy and the best for clinicians and patients. All members in Team Surface share pride and determination that no one but we can beat us.