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Team Surface is a translasional research group located at Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology and the Division of Advanced Prosthodontics at UCLA School of Dentistry. The Team Surface is run by Dr Takahiro Ogawa for 15 years since he was recruited to UCLA and dedicated to develop and deliver the surface of the century particularly in four areas of patient care using titanium implants, zirconia implants, non-contact activation of implants, and bone cement.

Implant surfaces have not improved significantly in the past 30 years and bone cement has not improved in the past 45 years. People might say developing the surface of the century is impossible and surreal, and if someone does, it will be replaced soon after,  but we are here to solve the problems everybody gave up, we are here to uncover the mystery everybody overlooked. We believe everything we do can challenge the status quo and would love to live the impossible. Recently, we just happened to have major inventions, discoveries, and technology breakthrough, each of which has a great potential to make the impossible possible. See the four major technologies in the Home.


Open Positions for "surface geek"

We make history together.

Researcher, student, visiting scholar

We have approximately 60 alumni members so far around the globe. See the news of our team for their activity and career development. Team Surface is always open for researchers who accomplished her/his best in their own fields and are filled with passion and energy to rise even higher. Anybody interested in creating the future of biomaterials and devices in the fields of dentistry and orthopedic surgery are welcome to apply at any levels of career, e.g., MS and PhD students, visiting scholar from around the globe, clinician, clinician researcher, and etc. Please send a CV to Dr Takahiro Ogawa at