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Public exposure

Our work has been picked up by media continuously because of the uniqueness, innovative nature, and problem-solving potential. Also, our humble but resilient mindset toward the advancement of science and technology and historically established teamwork keep inspiring our students and honorably featured in student-led journals.

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NanoCactus: Sneak view of the future of dental implants

Zirconia is expected to be a potential alternative to titanium as a dental implant material. A video abstract has been published by International Journal of Nanomedicine, featuring our zirconia surface technology . The technology is a result of bio-rationalized designing and adept technology by UCLA and Nantoh, Inc. Japan and enables to create meso-, micro-, and nano-scale roughness for the first time in the world, called hiearchical rough zirconia.


Story behind discovery and invention

Dr Ogawa and the inside-story of Team  Surface  is featured in the 2017 Summer Issue of the award-winning  UCLA ASDA (American Student Dental Association) journal, Diastema. "I am honored to sit and interview one of the greatest mentors I have ever had in the course of my education." by Kourosh Nakhaei, an interviewer.

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Next generation implant therapy

A chair-side activation of titanium implants called UV-photo-activation is a ground-breaking technology to maximize the bone integration potential of dental and orthopedic surgical implants. Have a quick look at science  and technology behind UV-photo-activation.


Dream of an global authority in dentistry

Dr Ogawa talks about his secrets of success when he was interviewed by a major newspaper in Japan, SankeiBiz (Japanese).

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Biological aging and UV-photo-activation

Science and therapeutic impact of UV-photo-activation is well described in this video using lay language. UV-photo-activation is the one and only method to Make Implants Best Possible, which signals the advent of "A New Era of Dental Implants".

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History is not to learn but to make

Dr Ogawa was interviewed by National Student Research Group/AADR. His way of research team management, determination to pursue the future, and main top of his research were in spotlight in the journal.

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Treands and Applications

UV-photo-activation is featured in the world-largest newspaper in dentistry, Dental Tribune.


Mimicking no one

Dr Ogawa talks about a bitter story, anecdote, determination, and philosophy of life during his adventure after he started his career in U.S. in an interview by a major newspaper in Japan, Asahi Shinbun (Japanese)

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UV-photo-activation and biological aging of Ti have been mandated as a teaching subject in European syllabus

The principle and theory of UV-photo-activation and the biological aging of titanium have been described in the nation-level teaching syllabus in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (Implantat-Werkstoffe, Curriculum Prothetik III).


Science and practice today

Dr Ogawa was interviewed in the International Dental Conference in Dubai for the prospects and benefits of his innovation. The detail is published in Today, a special issue of the world-largest newspaper in dentistry, Dental Tribune.


Global Medical Discovery

Osteogenic cell sheet made possible by UV photo-activation was featured in Global Medial Discovery, which recognizes the contributions of scientists, and clinicians who have made major advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of human disease. 

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Bridge of smile

Surface modification technology for dental implants by Team Surface has been featured in UCLA Invention magazine as a breakthrough after 45 years.