Our mission

Pursuing the surface of the century:

Dental and orthopedic surgical implant therapy face a number of long-unsolved problems. However, many aspects in technology and science of implants, for example, the development of implant surfaces for better bone bonding, seem to have saturated without significant improvement in the past 30 years. The mission of the Team Surface is to keep challenging the status quo in the fields of dental and orthopedic surgical implants by creating prototypes of implant surfaces and other therapeutic devices and materials having unprecedented biological performance based on novel biology-driven idea, scientific discovery, and technology breakthrough, and to responsibly transfer them to relevant industry and market to substantially advance patient care in the field.


Our vision

Overcoming 30 years of stagnation of implant surfaces:

Implant surfaces have not improved in the past 30 years, nonetheless, no implant is better than the other. We envision that in the near future dentists and doctors can find and choose the best implants with full confidence and all patients in the wold interested in implant treatment can receive this benefit with lower cost and higher accessibility.


This is how we find the answers.....

These are interests, scientific hypothesis, working theories, methodologies, and therapeutic goals throughout our endeavor to accomplish the missions. To create better bio-interface on biomaterials, we utilize three approaches;  creating 3-D structures on the surface, adding bio- and non-bio-molecular modification, and improving physicochemical properties of the materials.


Beyond extraordinary.

This is a description of the role and activity of Ogawa Lab Team Surface. They go way beyond a research work per se. We understand that greatest challenges like building prototypes and transferring technologies to markets, come after the research and that the quality of our work and the impact of science and technology advancements must be beyond extraordinary to make those happen.